DBE and Labor Compliance

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

Metrolink administers a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26: Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Programs, as a condition of financial assistance agreements with the DOT. Click here to view Metrolink's DBE Program Policy Statement.

Metrolink recently received DOT/FTA and Metrolink Board approval to re-instate race-conscious DBE Program elements, including contract-specific DBE goals, on Metrolink’s FTA-assisted contracts and procurements. Metrolink will utilize both race-conscious and race-neutral measures to endeavor to meet its ten percent (10%) overall DBE goal. On contracts and procurements with a DBE contract goal, prime bidders/proposers will have to demonstrate their commitment to meet the established contract goal OR submit an adequate Good Faith Effort (GFE), for their bid or proposal to be deemed responsive to DBE Program requirements.

Click here to view the race-conscious approval letter received from the FTA.

To participate in Metrolink's DOT-assisted contracting opportunities and DBE Program, firms must first complete their online bidder/vendor registration. To receive DBE credit on a Metrolink contract, firms must obtain their DBE certification from a California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) certifying member agency and be certified in the NAICS code applicable to the contract scope of work. For more information about NAICS codes, visit www.naics.com.

If you are not DBE certified but believe that you may be eligible, log on to the CUCP website at www.californiaucp.org to download an application form and obtain information regarding where to send your DBE application.

Complete DBE Program requirements are contained in our Invitations to Bid (IFBs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), as well as in sample contract documents included in IFBs and RFPs.

If you are a prime bidder/proposer seeking CUCP-certified DBEs for SCRRA teaming opportunities, log on to www.dot.ca.gov/hq/bep/find_certified.htm to access the CUCP online DBE directory. Click here for step-by-step instructions for navigating through the DBE directory and conducting a DBE query.


In accordance with DBE regulations contained in 49 CFR §26.39, Metrolink has also developed provisions to facilitate Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation on its DOT-assisted contracts. Metrolink’s SBE provisions include establishing SBE contract goals on select contracts >$25,000, as well as a Good Faith Effort (GFE) process. Metrolink will not establish both an SBE and a DBE goal on the same contract.

Metrolink requires all SBEs to be certified according to Metrolink’s SBE eligibility/certification standards defined in our IFB/RFP documents. Metrolink defines an SBE according to federal (U.S. SBA) small business size standards, based on NAICS codes, with one additional qualifier: the firm’s annual gross sales, averaged over the most recent three tax years, cannot exceed $22.41 million, regardless of NAICS codes.

Metrolink conducts SBE certifications utilizing our online PlanetBids module, and accepts only the following two types of certifications as proof of SBE eligibility:

  1. SBE certification letter from Metrolink.
  2. DBE certification letter (or printout from the online DBE directory) from any state’s Unified Certification Program (UCP) certifying agency (all DBEs are SBEs). Note: The DBE certification does not have to be California-based; however, any CUCP-certified DBEs will also count toward the prime contractor’s/consultant’s race-neutral DBE participation on the contract.

Additional details and requirements of Metrolink’s SBE Provisions are contained in our Invitations to Bid (IFBs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), as well as in sample contract documents included in IFBs and RFPs.

If you are a prime bidder/proposer searching for Metrolink-certified SBEs for teaming opportunities, click here for step-by-step instructions for navigating through Metrolink’s SBE database.

DBE and SBE Contact Information

Diana Vasquez
Contract and Compliance Administrator
E-mail: VasquezD@scrra.net
Phone: 213-452-0294


On Tuesday, January 14, 2014, Metrolink held a training workshop and meet & greet session in support of its upcoming On-Call Engineering Design Services procurement, and welcomed more than 150 attendees.  The purpose of the event was to review Metrolink’s procurement processes, discuss the Engineering contract scope of work, review Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program requirements, and introduce Metrolink’s new Small Business Enterprise (SBE) requirements and Good Faith Effort (GFE) process. 

The workshop was presented by Lia McNeil-Kakaris – Assistant Director of Contracts, Naresh Patel – Assistant Director of Standards and Design, and Dalia Sabaliauskas – Manager of Diversity and Labor Compliance.  Click here to download a PDF copy of the training workshop presentation.  Click here to download step-by-step instructions for locating SCRRA-certified SBEs and California Unified Certification Program (CUCP)-certified DBEs.

After conclusion of the workshop, the meet & greet session provided a forum for prime consultants, subconsultants, DBEs and SBEs to network and discuss teaming opportunities.  Click here to download a PDF copy of the event sign-in sheet.

Metrolink will hold similar events for other large upcoming procurements in 2014, including a general vendor workshop in June 2014.

Thank you to all those who attended our January 14th event and contributed to its success!


In accordance with 49 CFR Part 26 and as a condition of federal financial assistance agreements with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), SCRRA administers a DBE Program in support of contracts and procurements assisted with FTA dollars.

SCRRA has developed a proposed overall (triennial) DBE goal for the three federal fiscal years beginning October 1, 2015 and ending September 30, 2018. The goal has been calculated at TEN PERCENT (10%), and was developed using DOT-approved goal-setting methodology as described in 49 CFR 26.45.

In accordance with 49 CFR 26.45 and as part of the public participation process, SCRRA has distributed its goal and methodology to 180+ local/ethnic chambers of commerce and other business/community based organizations dedicated to assisting and growing small and disadvantaged businesses. SCRRA held meetings on Thursday, July 2, 2015 and Thursday, July 9, 2015, to provide organization representatives with the opportunity to learn about the goal-setting process and provide feedback and comments. The proposed 10% goal was also advertised via Public Notice, in general circulation publications. Click here to view the Public Notice.

Click here to view the goal calculation and methodology. 

Labor Compliance Program

Metrolink’s Labor Compliance Team implements the organization’s policy pursuant to prevailing wage and other labor compliance requirements applicable to State- and federally-assisted public works contracts.

Metrolink also administers its State of California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)-approved Labor Compliance Program (LCP), which applies to State bond-assisted and design-build public works contracts. Click here to view a copy of Metrolink's LCP approval letter from the DIR.

LCP requirements are defined in Metrolink's policies, bid specifications, and contract provisions. The LCP is applicable to all public works contracts which are designated as requiring payment of prevailing wages. 

Contact Information

Diana Vasquez
Contract and Compliance Administrator
E-mail: VasquezD@scrra.net
Phone: 213-452-0294

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