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Metrolink’s Mission, Vision, Values and History


To provide safe, efficient, dependable, and on-time transportation service that offers outstanding customer experience, and enhances quality of life.



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Metrolink is governed by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), a joint powers authority that was formed in 1991 and comprises five county agencies that were tasked with reducing highway congestion and improving mobility throughout Southern California: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro), Orange County Transportation Authority, Riverside County Transportation Commission, San Bernardino Associated Governments and Ventura County Transportation Commission. SCRRA created Metrolink in October 1992 to fill a void in Southern California’s transportation infrastructure. Our organization has served as the link between six Southern California counties by providing commuters seamless transportation connectivity options. Metrolink has grown tremendously during our 20 years in service, expanding from three service lines, 11 stations and 2,300 daily boardings to seven service lines, 59 stations and 44,000 daily boardings, all over a 536 route-mile network.

Amtrak, one of our major contractors, supplies the train and engine crews who operate our trains. Amtrak was a Metrolink contractor since our 1992 inception until 2005 when we awarded a contract to Connex.

Since 2008, Metrolink implemented several safety enhancements in its mission to become the safest commuter railroad in the nation. They include:



Ethics Policy for the Southern California Regional Rail Authority

  SCRRA Ethics Policy