Engineering & Construction

The Engineering & Construction (E&C) Department provides the infrastructure required to operate the Metrolink commuter rail system through the design and construction of new facilities, and the maintenance, rehabilitation, inspection, coordination, and management of the infrastructure. The purpose and objective of this department is to provide safe, regulatory compliant and reliable track, bridge, and station facilities that meet the expectation of Metrolink and other passengers, freight operators, the public and elected officials. The E&C Department creates and maintains the Engineering Standards, Standard Specifications, Design Criteria Manual, Design Procedures Manual, Design Quality Assurance Plan, QA/QC Manual, CADD Manual and User Guide, and Track Charts.

SCRRA is entrusted (by the member agencies) with extremely valuable assets; the railroad corridors that were acquired by the railroad companies in the 1870s to 1900s and maintained and defended ever since. Designs must optimize the use of this asset in the following aspects of the agency’s functions.


Pomona Office:
2558 Supply Street
Pomona, CA 91767

Telephone Numbers

Bautista, Zoila Business Administrator (909) 451-2849
Watkins, Patricia Interim Director, Engineering and Construction (909) 593-4291
Mallette, Scott Administrative Assistant (909) 593-4678
Mauthe, W. Asst. Director, T&S Rehabilitation (909) 451-2851
Patel, Naresh Asst. Director, Standards&Design (909) 392-8401
Chuck, Stuart Asst. Director, Cap. Progr. Mgmt (909) 451-2856
Sourmelis, C. ROW Encroachments Coordinator (909) 392-8463
Watkins, P. Asst. Director, Public Projects (909) 593-4291
Williams, M. Asst. Director, Program Mgmt (213) 452-0359


Capital Program Management

Engineering Standards and Design Manuals

Engineering Standards


Right-of-Way Encroachments


Selected Engineering Standards