Metrolink Code of Conduct

The Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), also known as Metrolink, provides important commuter rail service to the traveling public in Southern California. Safety is foundational at Metrolink. A safe and convenient ride on board the trains is dependent upon Metrolink staff and the traveling public behaving in a mutually respectful and courteous manner. Some parts of the code are common sense; others are dictated by state law. To read the California Penal Code relating to and governing behavior on transit, click here.

Metrolink conductors have the full authority and final say regarding the enforcement of SCRRA policies and procedures on board the trains. The conductors have the ability to remove passengers from trains or confiscate tickets. Metrolink passengers riding Amtrak trains under the Rail2Rail program, must adhere to the Amtrak polices governing the Amtrak trains. Amtrak conductors have the right to remove passengers from Amtrak trains or confiscate tickets. 
Pay the Correct Fare
Valid fare is required on Metrolink platforms and to board the train. Tickets or Passes must be presented to fare inspector upon request. Tickets and passes may not be resold.

Boisterous and Unruly Conduct
Metrolink prides itself on providing a stress free train experience where passengers are comfortable and relaxed. Speak with an inside voices while on board the trains and be mindful of the language you use. Respect your fellow passengers and Metrolink train crew. The use of profanity is not allowed on Metrolink. 

No Soliciting 
Selling of any item on board Metrolink trains, on platforms or at stations is prohibited without written consent from Metrolink. This includes the reselling of any Metrolink ticket or pass. 

No Smoking
There is no smoking on board Metrolink trains or on train station platforms.  This includes the use of e-cigarettes. If you must smoke, you may do so only in a designated smoking area.

Designated Seating
There is no assigned seating on board Metrolink trains, however Metrolink has designated seats on the lower levels for seniors, persons traveling with small children and passengers with disabilities. Surrender these designated seats if one of these passengers should board the train. 

No Alcoholic Beverages
There is no drinking of alcoholic beverages on board Metrolink trains. Any alcohol brought on board the train must remain sealed for the duration of the trip. 

Personal Items and Belongings
Make sure your personal items and belongings do not block the aisles, seats or emergency exits. Place your items under the seats and not on the chair beside you. Use the appropriate storage areas designated on board the trains (bicycle bays, luggage racks, etc.). Do not place bags on seats. Only bring approved items on board, click here for on board information. 

Music and Audio Devices
All music and audio devices must be used with personal head phones while on Metrolink platforms and trains. 

Animals On board 
With the exception of service animals trained to assist people with disabilities, large pets are not allowed on board Metrolink trains. Small pets are allowed if enclosed in properly ventilated carrying case that can be stored on your lap or under the seat.

No Feet on Seats
Metrolink seats are for passengers. Do not place your feet on the seats. 

No Hoverboards
The use of hoverboards and self-balancing boards of any type which use lithium or lithium-ion batteries will not be allowed on board the train.

No Galaxy Note7
The Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices are banned on all Metrolink trains and properties due to an overheating defect that has resulted in fires. 

For an exhaustive list of Metrolink’s on board policies, please visit the On Board Information page.