Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Metrolink Bureau

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Metrolink Bureau (the Bureau) was formed in October of 1992 to meet the law enforcement needs of the nation's fastest-growing commuter rail system. The Bureau was granted a contract by the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) to police the Metrolink system. The Bureau is tasked with duties that include the policing of the railroad rights-of-way within Los Angeles County and onboard security for the entire system. The organization spans the six counties that make up Metrolink's regional rail system (Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego) and includes more than 500 miles of track that traverse 42 policing jurisdictions.

The Bureau is headquartered at the Metrolink Operations Center (MOC) in downtown Pomona. In addition to its headquarters, the Bureau has two regional field offices in La Verne and Chatsworth. The La Verne office is responsible for the areas from L.A. Union Station to Riverside, San Bernardino and down to Oceanside. The Chatsworth office is responsible for the areas from L.A. Union Station to Lancaster and East Ventura.

The Bureau's staffing includes 34 patrol deputies, two detectives, six field sergeants, one operations sergeant, four support staff and a lieutenant who is the unit commander. Our field hours of operation mirror the train's hours of service. The Bureau uses the Rail Operations Center desk for the dispatching of calls. Any requests for service should be made to the ROC desk (323) 563-5000.

In addition to the Bureau’s general law enforcement duties, its members regularly participate in random baggage checks at all Metrolink stations, saturation patrols, Operation Lifesaver presentations, "Officer on the Train" traffic safety awareness patrols, fare enforcement and right-of-way enforcement.