Metrolink at Work

Construction and Maintenance

Metrolink construction and maintenance crews are constantly working throughout the Southern California system expanding capacity, upgrading systems and maintaining existing infrastructure to help provide the highest quality service to our passengers. This work also helps ensure the smooth flow of freight rail traffic throughout our region. The links below summarize construction or maintenance work taking place on the Metrolink system in your local community. For more information contact the Metrolink Community Relations Office at (213) 452-0205 or by email at

Track Construction and Maintenance

Glendale Corridor Grade Crossing Safety Improvements

Metrolink, in partnership with Metro and the cities of Glendale and Los Angeles, are implementing safety enhancements to grade crossings along the Glendale Corridor to meet the latest grade crossing and traffic safety standards. Upgrades include roadway and curb return widening, new automatic vehicle exit gates, new sidewalks and handrails, new automatic pedestrian gates, traffic blank-out signals, and traffic signal advance pre-emption technology. 

The four (4) highlighted projects along the Glendale Corridor that will soon begin construction are at Sonora and Grandview avenues in Glendale, along with crossings at Chevy Chase Drive and Broadway /Brazil St., bordering the cities of Glendale and Los Angeles. At different phases of the projects, an estimated 120 people will work collaboratively to make the sealed corridor a reality.

Upgrades to the crossings, which are projected to be about $17 million, are being covered by the City of Glendale, as well as federal, state and county funds.

Metro, the California Transportation Commission, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Congressman Adam Schiff have all facilitated financial support to make these safety improvements possible.

A new grade crossing project along the corridor was completed at Glendale’s Flower Street in 2009.

The project is scheduled to begin late April 2013 and be completed by early January 2014.

Project Details (with estimated project costs)

Chevy Chase ($3,687,288) and Broadway/Brazil ($8,504,783):

Construction Manager – URS; General Contractor – Comsa Emte; Main Designer – JLP

Sonora ($2,062,305) and Grandview ($2,819,600) (and Flower Street final cost $6.6 million):

Construction Manager – City of Glendale; General Contractor – Sully Miller; Main Designer – AECOM

Between Metrolink, Amtrak, the freights and local trains, this corridor supports nearly 100 trains each week day and another 50 trains on Saturdays and Sundays.

Metrolink maintains 311 at-grade crossings, among the 835 along its system.