5 and 2 Freeway Connector Closure

Due to tanker crash and fire on the 5 and 2 free connector, Caltrans is urging people to take Metrolink and other forms of public transportation to avoid the freeway closure.

Individuals can take Metrolink’s Antelope Valley or Ventura County Line to bypass the closure. For schedules, click here.   

For the latest information on the I-5 and SR-2 freeway connector roads, follow Caltrans District 7 on its Twitter or Blog

How to Ride Metrolink

Drive to the station near your home, check the map, by using the Station Finder.

Buy Your Tickets

Tickets are not sold onboard the train! Ticket vending machines (TVM) and ticket validators are located on Metrolink train platforms.  Purchase a ticket and validate, if applicable, prior to boarding the train.  Please present your valid ticket to the fare inspector upon request.

Ticket Pricing

Metrolink fares are calculated with a distance-based formula using the shortest driving distance between stations.  To find out exactly what the price will be for your trip, check out our Price Finder.

Board Your Train

Check for the track number at stations with more than one track. Some stations serve more than one train line so check  the electronic sign in the exterior window of the passenger car before boarding.  This sign indicates the final station stop for the train and should match the station indicated as the final stop on your timetable.  Please stand behind the yellow line for your safety.

Exit the Train

The conductor will announce each station prior to the arrival.  After exiting the train, use your Metrolink ticket to ride many connecting buses, shuttles and rail lines for free!  For a full list of free transfers, click here.