LA County Fair

Los Angeles County Fair

August 30 – September 29, 2013

Take Metrolink to the L.A. County Fair on Weekends

Purchase a Metrolink $10 Weekend Day Pass to get  to the L.A. County Fair for a day of food and fun.  This year the L.A. County Fair is offering Metrolink riders a special $10 admission ticket on weekends.  

Metrolink celebrates 20 years of providing Southern California residents with a special stop at the L.A County Fair.  A free shuttle will pick you up and take you to the Yellow Gate entrance.  Indulge in fair foods galore and shopping of all kind while enjoying the many entertainment acts and attractions.  Be amazed at the animal competitions, browse the art exhibits, win a stuffed animal at the carnival games or ride the big Ferris wheel.  There is so much to do and see at the L.A. County Fair.  So come one, come all and UNLEASH YOUR INNER FAIR!  For more information visit

Special L.A. County Fair Admission Discount

Take advantage of the special Metrolink $10 fair admission ticket for adults and $6 for youth (6-12 years). Just show your train ticket at the box office. This is a savings of $9 for adults and $6 kids.

Online sales:  You can receive the same savings if you purchase advance tickets online.  Visit and “buy tickets” – use promo code metrolink13 to receive the special Metrolink discount. 

Metrolink’s $10 Weekend Day Pass

Purchase Metrolink’s $10 Weekend Day Pass and take the train to the fair on Saturday or Sunday. The train will drop you off at the Fairplex Station where a free shuttle will take you to the Yellow Gate.  The Weekend Day Pass is valid for one day only, either Saturday or Sunday, for unlimited systemwide travel.  It’s a great value – so what are you waiting for?

How to Purchase Tickets

Visit any Metrolink ticket vending machine (TVM) at any station Metrolink trains stop at during the weekend.  Select “Weekend Day Pass” on the TVM home screen. The $10 Weekend Day Pass is available for purchase on Saturday and Sunday only.

Get There

San Bernardino Line

Take a San Bernardino Line weekend train to the special Fairplex Station. A free shuttle will take you to the Yellow Gate.  Please allow up to 45 minutes to make your way from the Yellow Gate back to the train station.

All San Bernardino Line weekends trains will stop at the Fairplex Station except for trains 351, 352 and 353 on Saturday and train 351 on Sunday.  Click here for the full San Bernardino Line weekend schedule.


To SB/RVDM352M354M358M362M364M366M368M372M376M378
L. A. Union Station6:15 AM9:00 AM10:35 AM12:10 PM1:45 PM4:00 PM5:35 PM7:10 PM9:00 PM11:30 PM
Cal State LA6:25 AM9:10 AM10:46 AM12:21 PM1:56 PM4:11 PM5:46 PM7:21 PM9:10 PM11:40 PM
El Monte6:35 AM9:20 AM10:57 AM12:32 PM2:07 PM4:21 PM5:57 PM7:32 PM9:21 PM11:50 PM
Baldwin Park6:43 AM9:30 AM11:07 AM12:42 PM2:17 PM4:29 PM6:07 PM7:42 PM9:31 PM11:58 PM
Covina●6:51 AM●9:38 AM●11:15 AM●12:50 PM●2:25 PM●4:38 PM●6:15 PM●7:50PM●9:39 PM●12:05 AM
L.A. COUNTY FAIR9:46 AM11:23 AM12:58 PM2:33 PM4:46 PM6:23 PM7:58 PM9:47 PM12:13 AM
Pomona (North)7:02 AM9:50 AM11:27 AM1:02 PM2:36 PM4:49 PM6:27 PM8:02 PM9:50 PM12:16 AM
Claremont7:06 AM9:54 AM11:31 AM1:06 PM2:40 PM4:54 PM6:31 PM8:06 PM9:54 PM12:20 AM
Montclair7:10 AM9:58 AM11:35 AM1:10 PM2:44 PM4:58 PM6:35 PM8:10 PM9:58 PM12:24 AM
Upland7:15 AM10:03 AM11:40 AM1:15 PM2:50 PM5:04 PM6:40 PM8:16 PM10:04 PM12:29 AM
Rancho Cucamonga●7:24 AM●10:14 AM●11:51 AM●1:26 PM●2:58 PM●5:15 PM●6:51 PM●8:23 PM●10:11 PM12:36 AM
Fontana●7:33 AM●10:23 AM●12:00 PM●1:35 PM●3:07 PM●5:24 PM●7:00 PM●8:32 PM●10:20 PM12:45 AM
Rialto●7:39 AM●10:29 AM●12:06 PM●1:41 PM●3:13 PM●5:30 PM●7:06 PM●8:38 PM●10:26 PM12:51 AM
San Bernardino7:54 AM10:45 AM12:22 PM2:00 PM3:40 PM5:45 PM7:22 PM8:54 PM10:50 PM1:05 AM

4:05 PM

11:15 PM
●Trains may leave up to five minutes ahead of schedule
To L.AM351M353M357M359M363M367M369M373M377M379
Riverside-Downtown6:20 PM

1:25 PM

San Bernardino7:00 AM8:25 AM9:55 AM11:30 AM1:05 PM2:07 PM3:35 PM4:55 PM6:30 PM9:15 PM
Rialto7:07 AM8:32 AM10:02 AM11:37 AM1:12 PM2:14 PM3:42 PM5:02 PM6:37 PM9:22 PM
Fontana7:12 AM8:37 AM10:07 AM11:42 AM1:17 PM2:19 PM3:47 PM5:07 PM6:42 PM9:27 PM
Rancho Cucamonga7:21 AM8:46 AM10:16 AM11:51 AM1:26 PM2:28 PM3:56 PM5:16 PM6:51 PM9:36 PM
Upland7:28 AM8:53 AM10:25 AM12:00 PM1:35 PM2:36 PM4:04 PM5:25 PM7:00 PM9:45 PM
Montclair7:34 AM8:59 AM10:31 AM12:06 PM1:41 PM2:42 PM4:10 PM5:31 PM7:06 PM9:51 PM
Claremont7:37 AM9:02 AM10:34 AM12:09 PM1:44 PM2:45 PM4:13 PM5:34 PM7:09 PM9:56 PM
Pomona (North)7:41 AM9:06 AM10:39 AM12:14 PM1:49 PM2:49 PM4:18 PM5:39 PM7:14 PM10:00 PM
L.A. COUNTY FAIR10:40 AM12:14 PM1:50 PM2:50 PM4:19 PM5:40 PM7:15 PM10:01 PM
Covina7:51 AM9:16 AM10:49 AM12:24 PM1:59 PM2:59 PM4:28 PM5:49 PM7:24 PM10:10 PM
Baldwin Park7:57 AM9:21 AM10:55 AM12:30 PM2:05 PM3:05 PM4:39 PM5:55 PM7:30 PM10:16 PM
El Monte●8:07 AM●9:35 AM●11:09 AM●12:44 PM●2:19 PM●3:14 PM●4:49 PM●6:09 PM●7:44 PM●10:30 PM
Cal State LA●8:19 AM●9:48 AM●11:22 AM●12:57 PM●2:32 PM●3:27 PM●5:01 PM●6:22 PM●7:56 PM●10:42 PM
L. A. Union Station8:35 AM10:05 AM11:35 AM1:15 PM2:50 PM3:40 PM5:15 PM6:40 PM8:15 PM10:55 PM
●Trains may leave up to five minutes ahead of schedule


To SB/RVDM354M356M362M364M366M368M376

L. A. Union Station9:00 AM10:10 AM12:10 PM1:45 PM4:00 PM5:35 PM9:00 PM

Cal State LA9:10 AM10:21 AM12:21 PM1:56 PM4:11 PM5:46 PM9:10 PM

El Monte9:20 AM10:31 AM12:32 PM2:07 PM4:21 PM5:57 PM9:21 PM

Baldwin Park9:30 AM10:40 AM12:42 PM2:17 PM4:29 PM6:07 PM9:31 PM

Covina●9:38 AM●10:48 AM●12:50 PM●2:25 PM●4:38 PM●6:15 PM●9:39 PM

L.A. COUNTY FAIR9:47 AM10:56 AM12:58 PM2:33 PM4:46 PM6:23 PM9:47 PM

Pomona (North)9:50 AM10:59 AM1:02 PM2:36 PM4:49 PM6:27 PM9:50 PM

Claremont9:54 AM11:03 AM1:06 PM2:40 PM4:54 PM6:31 PM9:54 PM

Montclair9:58 AM11:07 AM1:10 PM2:44 PM4:58 PM6:35 PM9:58 PM

Upland10:03 AM11:12 AM1:15 PM2:50 PM5:04 PM6:40 PM10:04 PM

Rancho Cucamonga●10:14 AM●11:19 AM●1:26 PM●2:58 PM●5:15 PM●6:51 PM●10:11 PM

Fontana●10:23 AM●11:28 AM●1:35 PM●3:07 PM●5:24 PM●7:00 PM●10:20 PM

Rialto●10:29 AM●11:40 AM●1:41 PM●3:13 PM●5:30 PM●7:06 PM●10:26 PM

San Bernardino10:45 AM11:52 AM2:00 PM3:40 PM5:45 PM7:22 PM10:50 PM


4:05 PM

11:15 PM

●Trains may leave up to five minutes ahead of schedule

To L.AM351M357M359M361M367M369M377

Riverside-Downtown6:20 PM

1:25 AM

San Bernardino7:00 AM9:55 AM11:30 AM12:30 PM2:07 PM3:35 PM6:30 PM

Rialto7:07 AM10:02 AM11:37 AM12:36 PM2:14 PM3:42 PM6:37 PM

Fontana7:12 AM10:07 AM11:42 AM12:41 PM2:19 PM3:47 PM6:42 PM

Rancho Cucamonga7:21 AM10:16 AM11:51 AM12:49 PM2:28 PM3:56 PM6:51 PM

Upland7:28 AM10:25 AM12:00 PM12:56 PM2:36 PM4:04 PM7:00 PM

Montclair7:34 AM10:31 AM12:06 PM1:01 PM2:42 PM4:10 PM7:06 PM

Claremont7:37 AM10:34 AM12:09 PM1:04 PM2:45 PM4:13 PM7:09 PM

Pomona (North)7:41 AM10:39 AM12:13 PM1:08 PM2:49 PM4:18 PM7:14 PM

L.A. COUNTY FAIR10:40 AM12:14 PM1:09 PM2:50 PM4:19 PM7:15 PM

Covina7:51 AM10:49 AM12:23 PM1:17 PM2:59 PM4:28 PM7:24 PM

Baldwin Park7:57 AM10:55 AM12:29 PM1:23 PM3:05 PM4:39 PM7:30 PM

El Monte●8:07 AM●11:09 AM●12:43 PM●1:32 PM●3:14 PM●4:49 PM●7:44 PM

Cal State LA●8:19 AM●11:22 AM●12:55 PM●1:43 PM●3:27 PM●5:01 PM●7:56 PM

L. A. Union Station8:35 AM11:35 AM1:15 PM2:00 PM3:40 PM5:15 PM8:15 PM

●Trains may leave up to five minutes ahead of schedule

Antelope Valley Line

Antelope Valley Line riders can take Metrolink to the fair for only $10. Take the train to L.A. Union Station, and transfer to the San Bernardino Line with your $10 Weekend Day Pass.

The new Antelope Valley Line weekend service allows L.A. County residents the opportunity to transfer at L.A. Union Station to San Bernardino Line trains to get to the fair and back.  Below are Antelope Valley Line weekend trains that connect with San Bernardino Line trains, which will take you to the Fairplex Station.                                        

To the Fair                                AM Times                  PM Times


Arrive L.A. Union Station 

Transfer to San BernardinoTrain

Departs L.A. Union Station

Arrive Fairplex Station





















From the Fair


Depart Fairplex Station

Arrive L.A. Union Station

Transfer to Antelope Valley Train

Departs L.A. Union Station


























Visit for more information.