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Lunar New Year

There are two ways to get a free ride on Metrolink to the Los Angeles Golden Dragon Parade. Be one of the first 200 attending our Irvine Station event to receive a free round trip Metrolink ticket or enter our Metrolink contest. First come, first served!

General Overview

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Metrolink and OCTA! There are two ways to get a free ride on Metrolink to the Los Angeles Golden Dragon Parade. Be one of the first 200 attending OCTA's Irvine Station celebration, or enter their Metrolink ticket contest. Festivities include a traditional lion dance, prizes, and refreshments. Come join us!

Free Irvine Station Event

  • Saturday, February 1
  • 15215 Barranca Parkway, Irvine
  • Celebration | 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • First train to L.A. Union Station | 9:08 a.m.
  • FREE tickets to first 200 people
  • FREE lion dance
  • FREE refreshments!

*First 200 people in attendance will receive a free round trip Metrolink ticket. First come, first served.

Enter OCTA's Metrolink contest here!


Golden Dragon Parade

It is one of L.A.’s oldest traditions dating back 121 years! The Chinatown Central Plaza celebration brings multi-stage acts from kung fu demos to traditional music acts. East meets West as old meets new with food trucks for noshing, ping-pong for playing and a craft beer garden with local breweries for boozing. Families can also join in the action with kid-friendly face painting, storytelling and paper folding. It may be the year of the rat, but the main attraction is the yearly Golden Dragon Parade, which makes its route (kicking off at Hill and Ord Streets, and concluding at Broadway and Cesar Chavez) on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Check out the parade route here!


How to Purchase Tickets

Metrolink train tickets can be purchased via the Metrolink App. Tickets purchased will allow for a free transfer to Metro Rail by scanning the mobile ticket at the gates. 

Use Metrolink's $10 Weekend Day Pass on either Saturday or Sunday for unlimited rides systemwide!



  • Take Metrolink to L.A. Union Station.
  • Transfer to Metro Gold Line towards Azusa/Citrus.
  • Exit at Chinatown Metro Station.
  • Take Northwest exit and head southwest toward W College St.
  • Turn right onto N Broadway.
  • Arrive at Chinatown Central Plaza.

*Note: Metrolink trains will only operate as far south as Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo. Alternate bus service will be offered for only OC Line trains 660, 661, 666 and 667 and IEOC Line trains 857 and 860. Delays of up to 60 minutes may occur along the corridor. There will be NO Metrolink train service between Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo and Oceanside, while no other Metrolink trains will connect to bus service.



Orange County Line

Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo to L.A. Union Station
661XX 661X
Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo 9:18 AM 9:40 AM
Irvine 9:28 AM 9:50 AM
Tustin 9:34 AM 9:56 AM
Santa Ana 9:40 AM 10:02 AM
Orange 9:45 AM 10:07 AM
Anaheim - ARTIC 9:50 AM 10:12 AM
Fullerton 9:57 AM 10:19 AM
Buena Park 10:03 AM 10:25 AM
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs 10:11 AM 10:33 AM
L.A. Union Station 10:50 AM 11:12 AM

Orange County Line

L.A. Union Station to Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo
664 666XX 666
L.A. Union Station 2:00 PM 3:30 PM 4:40 PM
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs 2:22 PM 3:52 PM 5:02 PM
Buena Park 2:29 PM 3:59 PM 5:09 PM
Fullerton 2:35 PM 4:05 PM 5:15 PM
Anaheim - ARTIC 2:42 PM 4:12 PM 5:22 PM
Orange 2:47 PM 4:17 PM 5:27 PM
Santa Ana 2:52 PM 4:22 PM 5:32 PM
Tustin 2:58 PM 4:28 PM 5:38 PM
Irvine 3:06 PM 4:35 PM 5:46 PM
Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo 3:16 PM 4:45 PM 5:56 PM

91/Perris Valley Line

Perris - South to L.A. Union Station
751 753
Perris - South 7:07 AM 8:17 AM
Perris - Downtown 7:11 AM 8:21 AM
Moreno Valley/March Field 7:24 AM 8:34 AM
Riverside - Hunter Park/UCR 7:41 AM 8:51 AM
Riverside - Downtown 7:50 AM 9:00 AM
Riverside - La Sierra 8:00 AM 9:10 AM
Corona - North Main 8:08 AM 9:18 AM
Corona - West 8:14 AM 9:24 AM
Fullerton 8:39 AM 9:49 AM
Buena Park 8:46 AM 9:56 AM
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs 8:54 AM 10:04 AM
L.A. Union Station 9:30 AM 10:40 AM

91/Perris Valley Line

L.A. Union Station to Perris - South
752 754
L.A. Union Station 3:15 PM 7:12 PM
Norwalk/Santa Fe Springs 3:36 PM 7:33 PM
Buena Park 3:42 PM 7:39 PM
Fullerton 3:49 PM 7:46 PM
Corona - West 4:13 PM 8:10 PM
Corona - North Main 4:20 PM 8:17 PM
Riverside - La Sierra 4:29 PM 8:26 PM
Riverside - Downtown 4:42 PM 8:39 PM
Riverside - Hunter Park/UCR 4:59 PM 8:57 PM
Moreno Valley/March Field 5:16 PM 9:14 PM
Perris - Downtown 5:29 PM 9:27 PM
Perris - South 5:35 PM 9:33 PM



Event at Irvine Station
15215 Barranca Parkway

Golden Dragon Parade at
Hill and Ord Streets
Los Angeles, CA


February 1, 2020

Price of Entry