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Metrolink and Government Stakeholders Attend First Annual Summit

Monday April 9, 2018

Metrolink Stakeholders Engaging with One Another

Today, Metrolink held its first annual Stakeholder Summit at Los Angeles Union Station. Congressional and state delegations, cities, counties, municipal staff and Metrolink member agencies participated in a dialogue to improve Southern California’s regional rail system over the next decade.

Metrolink staff shared information and encouraged feedback and ideas to improve rail transit. After receiving suggestions from stakeholders, Metrolink committed to working with stakeholders to improve service options. Major upgrades to the region’s rail system are needed to accommodate the ever-increasing population, jobs and goods movement across the region.  

“The freeway system is at capacity and will not be expanded,” said Metrolink CEO Art Leahy. “Metrolink is the only way to give Southern Californians a stress-free commute option that takes cars off the road.”

One of the key topics discussed at the Metrolink summit was the Southern California Optimized Rail Expansion (SCORE) plan, which is intended to add relief to the nation’s most congested freeways and improve air quality while upgrading the system to be safer and quiet-zone ready.

Metrolink is partnering with freight and intercity rail operators in seeking nearly $10 billion in local, state and federal funds to transform Southern California passenger rail service over the next decade.

Track additions, new signal and switch improvements, station upgrades and maintenance facility enhancements will bolster safety, on-time performance and reliability, nearly doubling Metrolink’s capacity and allowing for a significant expansion, including express service. It also would facilitate more quiet zones at crossings where locomotive horns don’t need be sounded because of safety enhancements.

SCORE also would improve freight movement from the Ports of San Pedro and Long Beach to inland distribution centers and beyond.

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Metrolink is Southern California's regional commuter rail service in its 25th year of operation. Metrolink is governed by The Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), a joint powers authority made up of an 11-member board representing the transportation commissions of Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. Metrolink operates seven routes through a six-county, 538 route-mile network. Metrolink’s passengers travel approximately 441 million miles each year, making Metrolink the second busiest public transportation provider in Southern California. Metrolink is the third largest commuter rail agency in the United States based on directional route miles and the eighth largest based on annual ridership.