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Metrolink Introduces 10-Day Flex Pass - Perfect for Hybrid Work Schedules


LOS ANGELES – Today, Metrolink introduces the 10-Day Flex Pass, a new multi-day pilot pass for people who need to get to their workplace less frequently than the traditional daily commute. The 10-Day Flex Pass provides the convenience of 10 one-day passes customers can use whenever they need to travel, over 60-days and at a 10 percent discount.

“As people began to work from both their home and their office, Metrolink offered the 5-Day Flex Pass in August 2020 to provide a critical fare option,” Metrolink CEO Darren Kettle said. “That pass introduction was a success, but our customers shared that they needed a pass with even more flexibility for the new way of working – fewer days in the office. We listened and now offer the 10-Day Flex Pass too.”

Since Metrolink launched the 5-Day-Flex-Pass, sales have grown and now account for seven percent of total fare revenue.

The 10-Day Flex Pass is available exclusively on Metrolink’s Mobile App. To purchase the pass, riders choose their origin and destination stations, then select 10-Day Flex Pass from the ticket menu. Once the pass is purchased, riders will find 10 one-day passes in their Mobile App ticket wallet.

On the day of travel, the rider simply activates one of the one-day passes before boarding; the activated one-day pass will expire at the end of the day. The 10-Day Flex Pass is valid for 60 days, allowing riders the flexibility to choose when to use their individual tickets to travel.

The 10-Day Flex Pass pilot program will be in place for six months following its launch. Metrolink will evaluate the fare’s success and customer response to determine whether to make the new option a part of the passenger rail’s regular fare structure.

Metrolink is the backbone of regional public transit – the literal “Link” for work, play, culture, and adventure for millions across the region. Metrolink keeps SoCal moving, connecting riders to “metros” from the mountains to the sea and all points in between, while providing easy access to local transit authorities and services.

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About Metrolink (metrolinktrains.com)

Metrolink regional passenger rail service offers reliable, safe, affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation throughout Southern California. Metrolink has 545.6 total service line miles and 66 stations across Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego counties connecting people, communities, and businesses and is an essential link in the region’s mobility network. Metrolink’s Arrow service, which launched in October 2022 with nine miles of track and four new stations between San Bernardino and Redlands, provides greater local and regional rail connectivity.