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A woman buying a ticket from the Metrolink ticket machine

TICKET Machines

You can purchase tickets and passes from the self-serve ticket vending machines found at all Metrolink stations.

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Purchasing a ticket is easy:

Select your trip & ticket type, enter your payment card information, activate your ticket prior to boarding and your device is your ticket.


Choose Stations

Choose which station you are traveling from, and which station you are traveling to.


Choose Ticket Types

Ticket vending machines offer a variety of ticket types. The one best suited for you depends on how often you plan to ride.


Buy Tickets

Pay with cash or credit. Several ticket vending machines accept credit/debit cards only.

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Payments Accepted

Most Metrolink ticket vending machines accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, debit cards, and cash. Several ticket vending machines accept credit/debit cards only.

Faster Way to Buy Frequently Purchased Tickets

If you frequently buy the same ticket type using a debit or credit card, you can use Metrolink’s Quick Ticket feature. Learn more

Bill Limitations

Our ticket machines do not accept $100 bills.

Ticket Refunds

Metrolink tickets are nonrefundable.

Ticket Machine Locations

Ticket machines are available only at Metrolink served stations only. Located on or near Metrolink train platforms. They are not located on trains.


TICKET Discounts

Ticket vending machines allow you to purchase multiple tickets, including tickets for adults, children, seniors, persons with disabilities and active military.