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Code of Conduct

Metrolink’s mission is to provide safe, efficient, dependable and on-time transportation service that offers outstanding customer service and enhances quality of life. To accomplish this, we need the help of all Metrolink employees and riders. Our Code of Conduct is built on mutual respect and care for each other's well- being. Together we can make Metrolink a world-class experience. 

Correct Fare

Please remember to buy and activate your tickets before you board the train. Valid tickets are required on all Metrolink and Arrow platforms. Tickets must be presented to a conductor or fare inspector upon request. Tickets may be purchased at a ticket machine, at the station or on the Metrolink Mobile App before boarding. Fares are used to fund safe, reliable train service.

No Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on board Metrolink trains. Any alcohol brought on board must be sealed and stored at all times. 

No Smoking

Thank you for not smoking on Metrolink trains or platforms; this includes e-cigarettes.

Loud and Unruly Behavior

Please respect others on the train by keeping voices low and refrain from crude language. 

Music and Audio Devices

Please use headphones when listening to music or watching videos.

No Soliciting

It is not permitted to sell any items on board Metrolink trains or platforms without written consent from Metrolink.


Service animals trained to assist persons with disabilities are permitted. Small pets are allowed if enclosed in a properly ventilated carrying case that can be held on your lap or stored under a seat. Large pets that do not meet these criteria are not allowed.

One Ticket - One Seat

Please place bags or items under the seat or on your lap, or in overhead storage racks (Arrow trains), not on the seat next to you or in the aisle.

No Feet on Seats 

Please do not put your feet or shoes on the seats. 

Open Seating

Riders may sit in any seat that is open. Some seats are set aside for seniors, persons with disabilities and persons traveling with small children. A rider sitting there may be asked to move if the seat is needed.

Bulky Items

Some Metrolink cars have storage areas for larger bags and bicycles. Arrow trains are equipped with overhead racks for storage. Ask the conductor for help if you need help finding a place to safely store your bulky item(s).

Arrow Trains


Firearms and other weapons, except carried by law enforcement personnel, are prohibited.

Arrow Trains


While eating and drinking is permitted on Metrolink trains, it is not permitted on Arrow trains. Food and beverages must be stored with personal belongings.



For more information about our onboard policies, please visit our Onboard page.