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Right of Way (ROW) Encroachment

Metrolink is transitioning to a new contract for Flagging, Inspection, Training and Right of Entry services. As part of this transition, there may be delays to correspondences and application processing. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your understanding as we move to make improvements to the Right-of-Entry process. Please help us minimize additional delays by familiarizing yourself with the information on this site and documents available under the Resources section below.

The Track & Signal (T&S) Department plays a critical role in the maintenance of Metrolink’s Track and Signal Infrastructure, ensuring a safe and effective operating environment for trains and passengers. In addition to maintaining the tracks and signals, the Track & Signal Department oversees the coordination and oversight of 3rd party entry onto the Metrolink Right of Way. This ensures that all 3rd party projects are conducted in a safe manner around active train tracks, comply with all Metrolink, State, and Federal Regulations, and ensure compatibility with Metrolink’s infrastructure and operations.  

If you have a project that will be conducted on or within close proximity of the Metrolink Right of Way, please review the SCRRA Right of Way Encroachment Process and fill out a Right of Way Encroachment Application.  An application fee is required at the time of submission and may be paid by check or ACH payment.  

ROW workflow

If a new or revision to an existing License is not required, the Initial Application
and Construction submittals may be sent to SCRRA at the same time.

Your cooperation helps ensure a safe and effective operating environment for everyone.  

Submit Applications to: [email protected]


Submit Checks Payable to:

Southern California Regional Rail Authority
2700 Melbourne Ave
Pomona, CA 91767
Attention: Eric Reese

Events or Parades Across a Railroad Crossing

  • For a planned events, such as a marathon, fair or parade, occurring over or near a Railroad Crossing please fill out SCRRA Form 7 Special Events Railroad Crossing Notification and submit to [email protected].
  • This will alert our Operations Department who will notify and slow trains in advance of the crossing during the scheduled event.
  • This form is not intended to be used as a request for access for any construction activities, surveying, potholing, boring, environmental analysis, filming, photography, or other activities requiring a Right-of-Way Encroachment agreement.

Contact Information

  • In case of track, signal, or grade crossing problems, contact Metrolink’s 24/7 toll-free emergency number: (888) 446-9721. The telephone number and grade crossing numbers are assigned by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and can be found on the signal house and crossing gates at each grade crossing.
  • Underground Service Alert of California (DIGALERT) at (800) 227-2600 or 811, railway companies, and utility companies shall be notified prior to performing any excavation close to any underground pipeline, conduit, duct, wire, or other structure.
  • SCRRA is not a member of DIGALERT, it is, therefore, necessary to notify SCRRA's Signal Department a minimum of 15 days prior to work, at (909) 592-1346 or [email protected] to mark, at Public Agency or Contractor’s cost and expense, signal and communication cables and conduits. Please complete and email the Signal and Communication Cable Mark Out Form (found below in the Resources section) along with an aerial image of excavations to [email protected]. If reference numbers or milepost location are not known it is acceptable to leave these fields blank.


Name Role Email

Timothy Morehead

Director, Track & Signal Infrastructure Maintenance

[email protected]

Fiailoa AhSue

Assistant Director, Track & Structures

[email protected]

Eric Reese

Right-Of-Way Coordinator

[email protected]