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Bike Cars

Metrolink Bikes on Board

All Metrolink trains have a Bike Car that are designed to accommodate up to nine bikes. These special train cars are in addition to the regular Metrolink train cars that are designed to accommodate up to three bikes. Bike Cars are identified by a yellow “Bike Car” decal on the side of the train. 

Arrow trains do not have Bike Cars but are designed to accommodate up to 12 bikes.

Bike Guidelines

  • Bikes must be safely secured within the designated bike storage area
  • Personal locks are prohibited for securing bikes
  • Bikes must never block aisles, doors, or emergency exit windows
  • Bike storage space may be limited due to other large items. Bicyclists must follow the conductor’s instructions to relocate or board an alternative car due to overcrowding and/or if space is needed for a passenger in a wheelchair 
  • Only single-rider bikes are allowed 
  • Battery-powered bikes, scooters, and wheelchairs are permitted but must not exceed 32 inches W x 58 inches L, or weigh more than 600 lbs., including occupant 
  • Electric bikes are permitted but must not exceed 32 inches W x 58 inches L 
  • Folding bikes are permitted and must be stored in the bike storage area
  • On Arrow trains, bike hooks on the top of bike storage areas accommodate tires 2.6 inches (65.8mm) wide, and bike rails on the bottom accommodate tires 2.0 inches (51.4mm) wide

Not allowed:

  • Gas-powered vehicles 
  • Mopeds, tandem and three-wheeled bikes 
  • Segways (except when used as a mobility device for a passenger with a disability) 
  • Riding bikes onboard the train or on the station platform 
  • On Arrow trains, bicycles with wheels wider than 2.6 inches
  • Personal locks to secure bikes

Violating the bike rules may result in removal from the train.

Bike storage at stations

Most Metrolink stations offer bike racks or bike lockers for passengers. Please check out the Stations pages to verify if bike amenities are available.