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Green Team

Green Team Charter

The Green Team Charter defines the mission, roles and responsibilities, functionality and membership of the Metrolink Green Team.


Green Team is the integral link in building a pathway to integrate sustainability into all aspects of business process, operations and service delivery. This requires a collaborative effort of participation from all departments to employ environmentally and socially sound business and operating practices that foster a culture of sustainability among all employees. The focus and efforts will align with the CEO vision and Metrolink Strategic Plan.


Metrolink is committed to protecting the environment, embracing social responsibility, creating economic vitality and enhancing the quality of life for the communities we serve.


Green Team members will lead Metrolink in advancing healthy communities, are committed to the purpose, have enthusiasm and will actively contribute with a spirit of collaboration. By participating in the following activities, members will impact and influence the customer experience, employee experience and business operations.

  • Actively participate in Green Team meetings
  • Develop a strategy plan in accordance with APTA sustainability guidelines
  • Set emission reduction targets and goals including achieving zero emissions
  • Update policies to incorporate sustainability
  • Identify opportunities for operational efficiencies that reduce environmental impacts
  • Encourage the adoption of sustainable practices within departments
  • Establish method to collect and evaluate best practices
  • Seek opportunities to engage customers and community stakeholders
  • Curate and promote sustainability training and education