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Promotional Codes

Riding Metrolink has many advantages. it is not only reliable, saving you time and money, it is stress free! You will also enjoy:

  • Free parking at most stations
  • A Quiet Car on all weekday trains
  • Free connections to city buses, shuttle buses, light rail and subway lines
  • Bike Cars that make it easy to bring your bike onboard

  • Select "Promotional Codes" button on the home screen
  • Enter your promotional code on the screen
  • Select or enter your origin and destination (if prompted)
  • Confirm rider type
  • Confirm the information is correct
  • Select "Print Ticket"
  • Retrieve your ticket
  1. Find Your Station - For stations near your home and destination use the Station Finder.
  2. Plan Your Trip - Check the timetable and arrive at your station at least 15 minutes before departure.
  3. Redeem Your Tickets - Redeem your ticketings using the instructions above. Promotional codes must be redeemed at a station ticket vending machiene prior to travel.
  4. Board Your Train - Check for the track number at stations with more than one track. Some stations serve more than one train line so check the electronic sign in the exterior window of the passenger car before boarding.
  5. Exit the Train - The conductor will announce each station prior to arrival. After exiting the train, use your Metrolink ticket to ride many connecting buses, shuttles and rail lines for free! For a full list of free transfers, click here.

For more information about how to ride Metrolink, click here.

Check the timetables and arrive at your station at least 15 minutes before departure. Timetables are available at: