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SCORE: TRAINing for 2028


The Southern California region is one of the most desirable places to live, work and travel in the country. The population is expected to continue growing – some studies estimate four million more people will live in the region by 2035, a nearly 25 percent increase.

With some of the worst traffic in the world and a fast-growing population, the region has to prepare to address the mobility challenges by investing in safe public transportation alternatives to the car. Enter Metrolink!

Metrolink is excited to introduce Southern California Optimized Rail Expansion (SCORE) program, which will upgrade the regional rail system to meet the current and future needs of the traveling public. By adding tracks, grade separations and upgrading signal systems across the entire Metrolink system, trains can operate more frequently and reliably, making regional rail easier and more convenient to use. The crossings will also be upgraded so the majority of the system will be Quiet Zone-ready, enabling cities to apply for a designation so trains horns aren’t routinely blown.

Communities throughout Southern California will also benefit from a reduction in vehicle miles traveled which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 51.6 million metric tons.

This multi-year program will pursue funding from several grant programs at the state and federal levels. If funding is received, the program could be complete as soon as 2028, just in time for the Olympics. 





SCORE Fact Sheet