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Zipcar is a global 24/7 car-sharing service that provides the freedom of “wheels when you want them” to over 15,000 members in Los Angeles. Zipcar’s self-service vehicles are conveniently located in reserved parking spots where members live and work. Members can reserve cars by the hour or by the day at rates that include gas, insurance and other costs associated with car ownership.

Car with a Zipcar logo displayed on the passenger side door.

Zipcar is committed to providing members with socially responsible, sustainable alternatives that support their communities, city livability and the global environment. Studies show that each Zipcar eliminates the need for 15-20 personally owned vehicles, which ultimately reduces traffic and harmful emissions.

Metrolink and Zip Car

Zip Car is available at L.A. Union Station. There are currently 4 cars located in Lot B near the Alameda side of the station.

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