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Quick Ticket

Quick Ticket. The fastest way to buy tickets.

Want a faster way to purchase your Metrolink ticket? Now you can with Quick Ticket.

If you frequently buy the same ticket type using a debit or credit card, you can use Metrolink’s Quick Ticket feature.

  • Within six months of the initial purchase, you may go to any Metrolink TVM and insert the same debit or credit card used for the initial purchase into the credit card reader.
  • A message will appear: "Retrieving records." Up to the last three ticket purchases made with that card within the last six months will be displayed.
  • By pushing the button next to the ticket type you wish to repurchase, the TVM will charge the card and issue an updated version of that ticket type.

Quick Ticket reduces the time and effort required to purchase a ticket and reduces the chance of making an incorrect choice.

The Quick Ticket option is available for all ticket types.