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Train Tracker FAQ

The Train Tracker is a tool that customers can use to find train locations and estimated arrival times. This system utilizes a Global Positioning System (GPS) based on the Postive Train Control (PTC) system to determine the train’s location.  

  • Predicted arrival time.
  • Map View displays train number and information, scheduled departure time and “minutes late” status.
  • Visual display of position of trains along system.
  • Ability to filter information by line or train number(s).

Both the Map View and the List View update every 60 seconds.

The Train Tracker operates at a 95% confidence level. Predictions are estimates based on available information and may be subject to change. Metrolink accepts no liability for deviations.

Please refer to the Metrolink Twitter account for any updates regarding train status when the Train Tracker is unavailable.

At this time, the Train Tracker is not available on the Mobile App. Please refer to to access the Train Tracker. Train Tracker will be added to the Metrolink App in a future app update.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your train’s scheduled departure time. Trains arriving early will wait at the platform until their scheduled departure time.