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Green Buildings

Dispatch and Operations Center (DOC)

Our Dispatch and Operations Center (DOC) in Pomona obtained LEED Silver certification, conserving resources and promoting clean, renewable energy—75% of its construction waste was recycled. It was built with 20% recycled material and uses 16% less energy with features like LED lighting. Building water use was reduced by 40%, and site water use by 50%, by using low flow devices and landscape treatments which allow for natural filtration. You may find our score card for this project here.

United States Green Building Council
Dispatch Operation Center Pomona California (DOC)
Dispatch Operation Center (DOC) Pomona, California

Central Maintenance Facility

The Central Maintenance Facility (CMF) provides a critical function for Metrolink regional rail service and serves as the main servicing, inspection and heavy maintenance and repair facility for the Metrolink system. A Metrolink Central Maintenance Facility Modernization and Eastern Maintenance Facility (EMF) Buildout Study is in progress to improve the functionality, productivity and overall demand for fleet inspection, service, repair, storage and rehabilitation. The study will identify and explore improvements to ensure that the facilities can support future agency initiatives and goals for the next 30 years including improving operational efficiencies, reducing emissions and community impacts.

CMF Operations Team earns 2020 Sustainability Impact Award from LADWP for efficient energy management and reducing annual energy consumption by 32%.

Storm Drain System

As a good steward of our community, the 30-year old storm and sewer systems at CMF were substantially upgraded and flow redirected to prevent any incidental discharges to our ecosystem. With the replacement of aging pumps, controls and oil water separator, the main storm water runoff will be cleaned from oil before discharged to the surrounding waterway systems and ensure years of reliable automated operation for increased environmental safety of both the sewer and storm water systems. 

Corporate Office Headquarters

Metrolink Corporate Office Headquarters - Downtown Los Angeles
Metrolink Corporate Office Headquarters - Downtown Los Angeles

Located in the iconic skyrise Wilshire Grand building situated in the heart of the Los Angeles Central Business District, which received LEED Gold certification for sustainability and is equipped with thermal energy storage, backup generator pads, and technology to optimize oxygen, light and acoustic levels.

Solar-paneled parking structures

Metrolink’s Industry Station added 8,300 solar panels, creating a solar carport that generates up to 2.2 megawatts per hour while shading 940 parking spaces, the equivalent of providing enough electricity to power 1,300 homes. The station generates revenue for the city and provides 64 charging stalls for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs).

Solar Panel in City of Industry Train Station Parking Lot
City of Industry Train Station


In an effort to minimize landfill waste material generated at maintenance facilities, recycling services were enhanced to include composting of organic material with designated receptacle bins installed in common facility areas.