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Open and Upcoming Procurements

Procurement No. Procurement Title

Procurement Type

Offer Due Date Offer Due Time
EP217-22 Electric Forklist & Diesel Telehandler IFB October 7, 2021 2:00PM PDST



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 Planned Procurements:

Metrolink Projects 


Procurement   Method Project Name Scope Description   Estimate Timeframe
IFB Facilities Rehabilitation North electrical switchgear upgrades at CMF   $700,000 December 2021
IFB Various Fencing JOC to replace expiring JO131-21 in August 2021   $4,000,000 Spring 2021
IFB Facilities Rehabilitation Fire alarm design build at CMF   $850,000 Oct-21
RFP TBD Sound wall(s) at CMF   TBD Within year
IFB Facilities Rehabilitation Various facilities upgrades at CMF; upgrade to chemical storage and it's pumping system, upgrade north portion of progressive track to enable in-consist light PM's of locomotive, exhaust automation system upgrade   $2,500,000 Late 2021 to early   2022 
IFB Facilities Rehabilitation Trainwash reclamation rehab   $1,500,000 Early 2022
IFB SCORE Chatsworth Station & Signal Improvement New pedestrian underpass at the station will allow the elimination of signal hold-out rule which impacts train movements through the station   $6,000,000 Jan-22
IFB SCORE Marengo Siding Extension Extend existing Marengo Siding by 3,300 ft to facilitate train-meets before entering single track in the constrained railroad right-of-way.   $9,000,000 May-22
IFB SCORE El Monte Siding Extension Pedestrian grade crossing  improvements at the  station  and at  Tyler Avenue, and  a  siding extension east of the station with bridges over Ramona Blvd and Peck Rd.   $14,900,000 May-22
IFB SCORE Rancho Siding Extension Extension of  the existing siding track by 4,600  feet west. New  No. 24  power  turnout, pedestrian  safety improvements to two at-grade  crossings, new track panels at  the grade  crossings,  extension of  drainage  culverts, and  railroad  signal modifications.   $12,100,000 May-22
IFB SCORE Serra Siding Extension Extension of existing Serra Siding by 1-mile to the south. Two signal track bridges over Pacific Coast Highway. Special Trackwork and Signal Improvements.   $20,700,000 Aug-23
IFB SCORE Simi Valley Double Track New second track and platform through station, pedestrian underpass along with Quiet Zone readiness at four  at-grade crossings. Special Trackwork and Signals Improvements.   $35,400,000 Aug-23
IFB San Juan Creek Bridge Replacement New bridge across Creek with main line track then realigned onto new structure. Demolition of old bridge superstructure.    $36,000,000 Late 2022
IFB Procure New Portable Generator Procure new trailerized portable generator for C&S system support and emergency response   $130,000 Summer 2021
IFB Hazmat Disposal Disposal of hazmat materials, including spent oil, brake pads, etc.   $200,000 Award planned for July
IFB Passenger Railcar Restroom Mirrors Procurement of standard size mirrors for passenger railcar restrooms   TBD Award planned for August
IFB Locomotive Oil, Lubricants, and Coolant Establish a Blanket Purchase Agreement for oil, lubricants, and coolant for Metrolink   locomotives.   TBD Award in August.
IFB Communication and Signal Equipment and Materials Establish a Blanket Purchase Agreement for various communications and signal equipment   and materials   TBD

Issue IFB in July

IFB Special and Other Track Materials Establish a Blanket Purchase Agreement for various track materials   $11,000,000 Issue IFB in July


 Third-Party Projects

  • Anaheim Canyon Station (platform / siding track) – Summer 2020
  • Vista Canyon Station (signal / communications) – Summer 2020
  • Palmdale Blvd Widening (signal) (potentially) – TBD