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Open and Upcoming Procurements

Procurement No.

Title Procurement Type Offer Due Date Offer Due Time
H1623-21 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Software IFB 05/12/2021

2:00 PDST

PO869-22 Diesel Fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid IFB April 19, 2021

2:00 PM PDST

MS298-22 Landscape Maintenance Services IFB April 20, 2021

2:00 PM PDST

PO846-21 Locomotive & Cab Car Camera HEVR CHM Replacement RFP April 22, 2021

2:00 PM PDST

SP541-21 Community & Government Relations and Communications Support Services IFB May 6, 2021

2:00 PM PDST



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 Planned Procurements:

Metrolink Projects


Project Name Description Est. Time Frame


  • Fencing, Gates, and Signage Job Order Contract

Spring 2021

Serra Siding

  • Extension of existing Serra Siding by one mile to the south
  • New Double Track bridge over PCH
  • Special Trackwork and Signal Improvements.

August 2023

Avery to Songs

  • Improve signals spacing from CP Avery to CP Songs allowing increased operations

June 2021

Simi Valley DT

  • New second track and platform through station
  • Ppedestrian underpass along with Quiet Zone readiness at four at-grade crossings
  • Special Trackwork and Signals   Improvements.

August 2023


  • New pedestrian underpass at the station eliminating signal hold-out rule impacting train movement through the station

January 2022

Burbank Junction

  • Increase speeds by improving turnout size, signals and rehab of track/ties

June 2021

Burbank to LA

  • Software improvements to allowing train queuing

March 2021


  • Extend existing Marengo Siding by 3,300 ft to facilitate train-meets before entering single track in the constrained railroad right-of-way.

May 2022

El Monte

  • Pedestrian grade crossing improvements at the station and at Tyler Avenue.
  • Siding extension east of the station with turnout installation at its end point.

May 2022


  • Extension of the existing siding track by 4,600 feet.
  • New No. 24 power turnout
  • Pedestrian safety improvements to two at-grade crossings
  • New track panels at the grade crossings
  • Extension of drainage culverts
  • Railroad signal modifications.

May 2022


  • Replace Crew Base Trailer and upgrade   sewer connection

March 2021


  • CMF - Renovate restrooms and gates
  • MOC – Renovate restrooms

April 2021


  • Replace ground air systems at the lay over yards

April 2021

CMF Upgrades

  • Chemical storage and its pumping system
  • North portion of progressive track enabling in-consist light PM's of locomotive
  • Exhaust automation system
  • North electrical switchgear

Late 2021 to early 2022


  • Train wash reclamation rehab

Early 2022


  • Fire alarm design build

October 2021


  • Sound wall(s)

Within the year



 Third-Party Projects

  • Anaheim Canyon Station (platform / siding track) – Summer 2020
  • Vista Canyon Station (signal / communications) – Summer 2020
  • Palmdale Blvd Widening (signal) (potentially) – TBD