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L.A. Union Station

Olvera Street

This historic district in downtown Los Angeles is part of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument.

Patrons shopping at Olvera Street
Entrance to clothing store at Olvera Street
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument
Hanging display of Mexican painted guitars


Olvera Street is one of the oldest streets in Los Angeles. This historic district is located in downtown Los Angeles, as part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument. Dating all the way back to 1930, Olvera Street pays homage to the deeply rooted Mexican heritage of Los Angeles.

The street offers a block of long narrow, tree-shaded, brick-lined market style shopping area with old structures, painted stalls, street vendors, cafes, restaurants and gift shops to explore. With the weather in Los Angeles being so great this place is fun all year round. It's full of good food and is just the right size to enjoy and explore for an afternoon.

How To Get There

  • Take Metrolink to L.A. Union Station
  • From L.A. Union Station, walk west towards Alameda St. which is located at the main entrance in front of the station
  • Olvera Street is directly across from L.A. Union Station

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Photo Credit: Neil Williams, Tim Mossholder, Eater LA, NBC News



845 N Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 485-6855
Olvera Street