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Skyrider Ultralights

Get a unique thrill on a ride with this training and flight center for ultralight personal aircraft.

Green and orange Ultralight planes at Skyrider Ultralight.
Two riders in a ultralight plane at Skyrider Ultralights in Camarillo


Skyriders Ultralight gives guests the experience of floating. High in the sky, these exhilirating rides provide an unforgettable view: the ground below with no floor to separate you from the scenery beneath you. Skyriders also offers a unique ocean experience that brings guests only feet from the waves.

With decades of experience among them, the pilots at Skyriders Ultralight have a combination of skill and customer service to deliver the right level of safety, confidence, and exhiliration to make for a memorable and fun experience. Reviews from Trip Advisor to Groupon all sing the praises of this unique Camarillo destination for thrillseekers and adventurers. 

How to Get There

  • Take the Metrolink Ventura County Line to the Camarillo Station
  • Take a rideshare or taxi 1.8 miles to destination

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777 Aviation Dr.
Camarillo, CA 93010

(818) 419-7381

Skyrider Ultralights