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Filming/ Photoshoot Requests

Please email us at [email protected] with the completed information below for estimated costs. Any missing information will cause a delay in processing.
PLEASE NOTE: Metrolink requires a minimum of four (4) weeks to review and process production requests.


Filming is allowed onboard trains and at Metrolink-owned facilities. Metrolink DOES NOT own the train stations and their respective Cities must be contacted for filming/ photoshoot requests.

  • All requests for film production must be submitted to Metrolink in writing (email is fine). The request should include the following information: 
    • Date(s) 
    • Location (which station or line)  
    • Timeframe (morning, afternoon, with hours indicated).
      • Please include any prep time, load-in, production, and load-out schedules. 
    • Scene description
    • Number of crew/ cast members
    • Will you require filming on our platforms?
    • Will you require train equipment to be stationary or moving?
    • Description of filming equipment to be used.
    • Parking requirements for any production vehicles (cars and/or trucks) 
  • Metrolink requires an executed contract and completed insurance information prior to any filming/ photography activities on board trains or at our Metrolink-owned maintenance facilities. Any filming that involves access to equipment or to the railroad right-of-way will require successful advance completion of the Railroad Safety Training course. This training ensures that the crew and actors will learn proper procedures to protect themselves against possible track dangers and will be coordinated with you upon permit approval.

  • Additionally, a Right-of-Entry Permit will be required from Metrolink along with (provided by the submitting production company) insurance with monies to cover direct services such as Safety Training, Protective Flagging Services, and Administration Costs.

  • Metrolink will need to review the overall film production concept in advance for filming approval by management.

  • A MANDATORY safety briefing is required for all film production shoots prior to work starting onboard the train. All film crew members must attend.

  • A pre-production walk-through is recommended onboard the train and/or at Los Angeles Union Station train platforms.

  • Fees will vary depending on the film production shoot.


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